The Fearsome Five

Roland and Duke's swamp raid

How half of the five came under conscription

(Note: The effect this story has on the overarching cannon is debatable, as it was a solo game under a separate Game Master)

Fresh out of training as a guardsman, Duke’s first mission was a joint assignment with an imperial cleric to investigate the Hive planet Mauveback in order to root out a strange plague that threatened the local populace. Nervously excited at the prospect of having a partner, Duke was introduced to Roland, who showed a calm indifference to being constantly called “Ro Ro”. While chatting idly, they descended by way of jeep down from the high landing zone around the massive, twisting roads. As they progressed, the lights grew more and more dim, as the vertical poverty phenomenon of a Hive world began to set in. Then, suddenly and without warning, the pair was hit with the bright sunlight of the city exit. While Duke felt more at home in the rural settings, Roland, in his own expressionless way, was on alert for the desperate men who occupy the ground level of Hives. His suspicions were vindicated within the hour, whereupon a small gang attempted to seize His and Duke’s thrones by halting them at a pass. After long deliberation, Duke and Roland decided it best to accelerate through the encampment fast enough to outrun the raiders. After a heated on inroad battle, the pair managed to escape unscathed. Finally at the swamp where the plague had purportedly originated from, Duke and Roland quickly found swamp beasts roving among the trees. Cutting the aberrations down in their path, the Fearsome duo traced the trail of the unnatural beasts, finally chancing upon an alter of plague adorned with a brooding monstrosity. Mono sword and gun at the ready, they charged boldly into conflict with the superbeast, taking heavy damage, but eventually the combined might of Duke and Roland’s blades and bullets proved an insurmountable challenge for the depraved mutant, ending its pitiable existence covered in holes and slashes. Battered and bruised, but allowing himself only the luxury of breathing heavily, Roland informed Duke of his conscription into the Fearsome Five. Enthusiastically, Duke agreed, and they signaled an air lift.



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