A well learned, inquisitive machinist


While quite frail, Severus is surprisingly fast on his feet, even in spit of his heavy metal armaments. With mechanically augmented accuracy and the tools of his trade as a priest of technology, he expertly supports the rest of the Five.


Severus Zharkov was born on the Forge World of Prometheus, and was taken under the wing of Magos Errant Jesek, who taught him the way of the Machine. Shortly after the Cleansing of Prometheus, Severus caught the eye of the Polypsykana Inquisitor Jethroh, who inducted him into his cadre of Acolytes. On Severus’ first mission as an agent of the Inquisition, he was sent to the Chartist Vessel Star Childe, which had seen an increase in the creation of heretical cults and a disproportionately large number of psykers born after an attack by unknown assailants.
Upon arrival, Severus met with fellow Technographer Khan. After questioning the local Mech-Deacon by means of uplink, the band met up with the team that cleared away the wreckage after the attack. Strange, pulsating blue and purple fragments that were inscribed with warp-runes were laid out upon a table. As Severus picked one up, he felt more connected with his cybernetics than he ever had felt before. Then, as a group of three tech-priests and several servitors entered the room, the rest of the Acolytes hid, leaving the tech-priests and the technographers alone. Severus questioned the lead tech-priest about he wreckage, who told him that it was a missile from a Thousand Sons vessel. Hoping to learn more, Severus linked up with the heretek, and was filled with visions of great, terrible ravens that laughed at the broken wreck of Humanity’s future. He heard thousands of horrid voices, rising as one, to sing the songs that would end the world of sanity and symmetry that Man clung to.
And most terrible of all, he saw himself, suspended above all of it, an immortal God-Machine, caring not for the suffering beneath him, a being of infinite power and twisted, impossible logic. After the link, Severus fired point-blank at the heretek, shredding him to gory chunks, the rest of the Acolytes joined the fray, slaughtering the rest of the false-priests. Severus tried to link with Khan, to show him what he had seen, but Khan refused. They departed the witch-vessel, each content, knowing they had done their duty to the God-Emperor, almost all. Severus had taken the strange fragments from the table back on the Star Childe, knowing that there was a great secret locked within them. Only Khan saw him take the pieces, but he said nothing to the Inquisitor, and neither did Severus. Ever since the Star Childe, Severus remains convinced that the cult found aboard the witch-vessel was much more far spread than they were led to believe, that every facet of the Mechanicus in the Calixis Sector is tainted by the heresy they found aboard the Star Childe.
Severus was later transferred to the Expedition Fleet by Inquisitorial Order. Though he follows the orders of his Inquisitor, his agenda is much different from the rest of the Acolytes. In appearance, Severus is obviously a Tech-Priest, with countless wires and tubes spilling from the coverings of his crimson robes. His legs have been replaced with four thin, spider-like prongs, making him incredibly disturbing to those unfamiliar with the Priesthood of Mars. His face has been mostly replaced with metal, with bits of white bone showing through his brass casing in certain areas. He scuttles over the ground on his metal limbs, making unnerving clinking sounds. A belt-fed autogun has been grafted to his shoulder, leaving his hands free for other tasks. His voice has a mechanical timbre to it, often adding to his terrifying appearance.


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